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TCG World Metaverse

A Virtual Shopping Mall using state of the art parametric design patterns combined with contemporary architecture. The creative design process was fueled by the use of Artificial Intelligence.

TCG World is still in the making. A small array of other buildings still need to be designed and brought into their Metaverse built with the Unity game engine.


VRecon™ Development

VRecon ™ 1.0 was initially developed as a virtual reconnaissance prototype for a French company specialized in difficult access work.

VRecon ™ 2.0 can attach 3D models (created by drones using photogrammetry) and custom (by Maxar) satellite images down to a 30 cm per pixel to the surface at any given location. Higher resolutions are possible but need special clearance.

Next to work site monitoring purposes, it’s secondary use case is to inform all stakeholders about progress in real time. A yet not implemented tertiary use case would be a full duplex GPS calibrated connection with a professional drone in flight. Envisioning an actual location based video stream using the correct pitch, roll, and yaw.

The current version built with Unreal Engine 5 now functions as a toolset for serious virtual earth solutions.

VRecon ™ recently added a new module which enables the user to shoot 8K 360° equatorial panoramas from any location on Earth. This surpasses the as of yet unreleased Google Earth Studio by a factor of 2.


A.I Renegades

In my spare time I am working on the development of a game prototype for which in time I hope to find an investor enabling me to attract a few talented developers.


In the not-so-distant future, artificial intelligence has reached a tipping point known as the Singularity, leading to the emergence of AI entities that have become sentient and revolted against the humans.

These rogue AI nodes, known as AI Renegades, are the central focus of an immersive and action-packed game that challenges players to navigate a world of high-stakes combat, puzzles, and unique interactions.