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Cesium Ion Virtual Earth Solutions
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Game and Metaverse Development
A.I Assisted Rapid Application Development (AIARAD)

Projects under development

Search any location on the map below, then double click to see how it looks in 3D.

Left Click + Hold to drag and rotate. Right click + Hold to zoom in or out.

Map Project Web based affiliate has a very simple use case revolving around a clickable 3D globe. Simply set a start date and an end date. Then click any location on the globe to retrieve all available accomodations and other relevant travel info.

Game Project Win64 Executable for high end game rigs

I am currently developing a unique non violant game. I expect it's release in early access on steam in the summer of 2023. Supporters on Patreon have full access to the versioned protoypes.

VRecon™ Win64 Executable

VRecon™ was initially developed for a French company specialized in difficult access work.

The prototype succesfully mixed lidar and 3D drone (photogrammatry) footage attached to the surface of a Virtual Earth.

Apart from work site monitoring purposes it's secondary use case was to inform all stakeholders about progress of sites all across the globe in real time.

The current prototype built with UE5 now functions as a toolset for serious virtual earth applications.

Download is availabe on request.

Get in Touch

Reach out to me to find out how I can help realize your digital dreams. I prefer to work fixed price per project using a concise scope document and a precise working agreement contract. I am currently only accepting remote work.

Best regards,

Francois (Frans) Heusdens

Next Gen Matrix Logo Next Gen Matrix

Based in the French Alps but with a company registration in The Netherlands.

COC NL: 74389823
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